Search homes in Fort Worth real estateSoak yourself in serenity on Fort Worth property. The Fort Worth Water Gardens is peaceful paradise hidden in the heart of the city. Three main pools of water flow freely as public art pieces in this urban park. Sights and sounds are stunning here. Cooling mists surround those visiting on hot afternoons. The mixing of sunlight into the spray creates visions of rainbows that refreshes the spirit.

A large pool serves as a focal point. Listen to cascading water as it flows down steps and terraces into the lagoon 38 feet below. Designed for interaction, visitors can wander up and down the steps becoming inspired and energized by the harmonious water sounds at different depths. A meditation pools sits quietly nearby surrounded by Cypress trees and imposing walls of water. The gentle force of the water’s course lends to relaxation. Locals bask in quiet solitude in this particular spot feeling inspired by both its natural and architectural beauty. The third pool incorporates an aerating effect creating spray fountains. Glorious Oak trees stand proud as a border and maintain a feeling of privacy.

Don’t Worry Be Happy On Fort Worth Property

Appealing to all ages, The Fort Worth Water Gardens is a great place to stop with the family or an daytime date. The gardens can be found on downtown Fort Worth real estate across from the Fort Worth Convention Center between Houston and Commerce Streets. Take a break and breathe deep. Let the hustle and bustle carry on around you while the sounds of water wash your troubles away for just awhile.